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The Traditional Sweets of Nepal - (Part 3 of 4)

Enjoy the Traditional Sweets of Nepal - मिठाई हरु, गुलियो खाना 
 This is the continuation of photo blog of Nepali sweets
 Take another virtual tour (part 3 of 4)

Sweetened yogurt (जुजु धौ) -  served in an attractive terracotta bowls, garnished with sliced pistachios and sprinkled with saffron infused water.
Close-up picture of Ju-Ju Dhau (जुजु धौ)
Laakha-Mari - लाखामरी - a traditional Newari ceremonial bread - getting ready for glazing.
These are a variation of Laakha-Mari bread shaped like animals (fish, frog, birds) made especially for special occasions.
Assorted animal-shaped sweet breads.
The bread is shaped like a frog.
Swaari bread - स्वारी -  (soft textured fried bread) usually eaten with jilphi sweets.
Rasbari or Rasgulla - रसबरी - (Chhana Cheese balls in Cardamom Syrup)
Premium collection of colorful Sweets at Mithai Ghar.
Indian inspired sweets made of savory cashew nuts and filled with chopped pistachios.
Feast to your eyes - Indian inspired sweets at Nepali Mithai Pasal.
Kaaju Kalash - काजु कलश - (Cashew Kalash) prepared from ground cashews, almonds, pistachio nuts, sugar, cardamom and saffron and molded in the shape of a kalash (water jug).

Doodh ko Rabadi - दूध को रबरी - (Thickened Milk Dessert) - Rabadi is a delicious sweet dish that is prepared by slowly boiling milk until it has reduced to a cream-like consistency.
Doodh-Bari - दूधबरी (Milk Patties in Pistachio Cream) - is an exceptionally flavorful, dairy-rich dessert of cheese patties soaked in thickened milk, delicately flavored with cardamom and saffron and garnished with pistachios.
Nepali sweets in a snapshot - walking around the Mithai Pasal in Kathmandu, large choice of flavor.
Gaajar ko Haluwa - गाजर को हलुवा - (Carrot Pudding)
 Bombay Badami Halwa - मुम्बई बदामी हलवा chewy halwa with nuts  from Indian Mithai Ghar - looks mouthwatering and delicious!
Home-made Doodh-Bari - दूधबरी in thickened milk - (Paneer and Milk sweets)
Ghevar - घेवर - decadent dessert from India made out of flour, sugar and clarified butter - photo taken at Nepali Mithai Pasal.
Dry Petha sweets - पेथा - made out of Ash Gourd and sugar.  The confection is lightly dusted with icing sugar to prevent clinging.  They are sold packaged in a plastic bags.  Click this link to get more information on Petha.
If this sweet looks familiar to you - please help, I do not know the name, but I took this picture at the Nepali Mithai Pasal.
Kesar Rasmalai - रसमलाई - (garnished with pistachios, cashews and saffron)
Gud-Paak - गुडपाक - This visually appealing, rich and a traditional favorite sweet dish is made from flour, edible gum, brown sugar, khuwaa, and chopped assorted nuts.  It is absolutely delicious sweet dish that melts in your mouth.
Kaaju-Badaam sweet Balls - काजु-बदाम - A ground-cashew based Mithai, stuffed with cashews and almonds, shaped like a small ball, flavored with cardamom, wrapped with silver leaf and painted with saffron.  A decadent sweet to serve on special occasion.

Kaaju Kamal - काजु कमल - A rich sweet made from ground cashews, stuffed with ground pistachios, decorated with silver leaf and the flower top is  varnished with saffron water.
Sooji ko Haluwa - सूजी को हलुवा - (Semolina Pudding) - the most basic, delicious and traditional haluwa.

Please turn to the next chapter (part 4 of 4) to take another virtual tour of the Traditional Sweets of Nepal.

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Traditional Sweets of Nepal - (Part 3 of 4)

Traditional Sweets of Nepal - (Part 4 of 4)

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  4. Jyoti didi, according to Google, the flower shaped sweet's name is 'Kamal Bhog'. Yeti dherai mithai dekheko ta tihar kahile aaula jasto layo!

    1. Thank you Sharda. I am happy to know the name of the mithai 🙏