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Index - Sweets of Nepal

List of The Traditional Sweets of Nepal

The following is a list of most common sweets of Nepal. In my previous blog, "The Traditional Sweets of Nepal," I have created a pictorial tour of the sweets.  Please take a virtual tour of all sections (1 to 4).

Barfi - (बर्फीहरु)
Aap ko Burfi - (आप् को बर्फी ) - Mango Flavored Fudge
Badaam ko Barfi - (बदाम को बर्फी ) - Almond Milk Fudge
Badaam-Nariwal Barfi -  (बदाम-नरिबल बर्फी) - Almond-Coconut Fudge
Badaam re Pista ko Barfi - (बदाम र पिस्ता को बर्फी) -  Almond-Pista Fudge
Besan ko Barfi -  (बेसन को बर्फी ) - Chickpeas Flour Fudge
Chocolate ko Barfi - (चकलेट बर्फी)  Chocolate Layered Milk Fudge
Doodh ko Barfi - (दूध को बर्फी) -  Thickened Milk Fudge
Kaaju ko Barfi - (काजु को बर्फी) - Cashew Milk Fudge
Kaaju ko Katli - (काजु को कतली) - Thin Diamond Shaped Pure Cashew Fudge
Kesari ko Barfi -  (केसरि को बर्फी) - Saffron Milk Fudge
Khuwa ko Barfi - (खुवा को बर्फी) - Thickened Milk Fudge
Nariwal ko Barfi - (नरिवल को बर्फी)  - Coconut Milk Fudge
Pencil Rolls Barfi - (पेन्सिल रोलस बर्फी) - Pure Cashew & Pista Rolls Fudge
Pista ko Barfi - (पिस्ता को बर्फी) - Pistachios Nut Milk Fudge
Triranga Barfi - (त्रिरंगा बर्फी ) - Three Colored Milk Fudge

Haluwaa - (हलुवा हरु)
Badaam ko Haluwaa - (बदाम को हलुवा) - Almond Pudding
Besan ko Haluwaa - (बेसन को हलुवा) - Chickpeas Flour Pudding
Bombay Badaami Haluwaa - (मुम्बई बदामी हलवा) - Bombay Halva
Gaajar ko Haluwaa- (गाजर को हलुवा) - Shredded Carrot Pudding
Lauka ko Haluwaa - (लौका को हलुवा ) - Bottle Gourd or Lauka Squash Pudding
Moong Daal ko Haluwaa - (मूंग दाल को हलुवा) - Moong Bean Pudding
Pitho ko Haluwaa or Mana Bhog - (पिठो को हलुवा, मन-भोग) - Wheat Flour Pudding
Sooji ko Haluwaa - (सूजी को हलुवा) - Semolina Pudding

Kheer - (खीर हरु)
Chaamal ko Kheer - (चामल को खीर ) - Rice Pudding
Cheuraa ko Kheer - (चयूरा को खीर) - Flattened Rice flakes Pudding
Makai ko Tachauraa or Makai ko Kheer - (मकै को खीर ) - Fresh Corn Pudding
Makhanaa ko Kheer - (मखना को खीर) - Puffed Lotus Seed Pudding
Sabudaanaa ko Kheer - (साबुदाना को खीर) - Tapioca Pudding
Sebai ko Kheer - (सेवीयी को खीर) - Thin Vermicelli Milk Pudding

Laddu - (लड्डू)
Besan ko Laddu - (बेसन को लड्डू) - Sweet Chickpeas Balls
Masalaa ko Laddu - (मसला को लड्डु) - Dry-Fruits and Nuts Balls
Motichur ko Laddu  - (मोतिचुर को लड्डु) -  Chickpeas Droplets in Syrup
Sooji ko Laddu - (सूजी को लड्डु) - Semolina Balls
Moong ko Laddu - (मूंग  को लड्डु) - (Sweet Mung Beans Balls)
Nariwal ko Laddu - (नरिवल को लड्डु) - (Coconut Balls)

Syrupy Sweets - (चासनी को मिठाई हरु)
Baalushahi - (बालुशाही) - Fried Flaky Pastry with Glaze
Jeri - (जेरी) - Decorative Syrup-Filled Loops
Jilfi or Jalebi - (जिल्फी, जलेबी) - Pretzel-Shaped Syrup-Filled Loops

 Kaalo Jaamun - (कालो जामुन) - Milk Balls in Heavy Syrup - A Variation of Gulaab Jaamun)
Lal-Mohan or Gualaab Jaamun - (लाल मोहन,  गुलाब जामुन) - Brown Milk Dumplings in Saffron-Cardamom Syrup)
Maalpuwa - (मालपुवा) - Small Sweetened Fritters with Fennel Seeds)

Pedaa - (पेडा हरु)
Doodh ko Pedaa - (दूध पेडा) -  Thickened Milk Patties
Kesari Pahelo Pedaa - (केसरी पहेलो पेडा) - Saffron flavored Milk Patties
Paneer Pedaa - (पनीर को पेडा) - Paneer Cheese Patties
Pista Pedaa - (पेस्ता पेडा ) - Pista-Milk Patties
Prashad ko Pedaa - (प्रशाद को पेडा ) -  Pure Thickened Milk Patties Made for Religious Offering)
Kaaju Pedaa - (काजु पेडा) - Pure Cashew-Milk Patties
Kaaju Kalash - (काजु कलश) - Cashew Kalash
Kaaju-Badaam - (काजु-बदाम) - Cashew Sweet Balls
Kaaju Kamal - (काजु कमल) - Cashew Sweets, Shaped like a Flower

Yogurt Desert -  (दहि बाट बनेका मिठाई हरु)
Dahi -  (गुलीयो दहि) -  Sweetened Yogurt
Juju Dhau - (जुजु धौ) - Special Yogurt from Bhaktapur
Sikarni - (सिकरनी) -  Yogurt Cheese Dessert
Phalphul ko Mithai - (फल फूल को मिठाई) - Fruit Salad in Cardamom Syrup
Dahi Phalphul ko Salad - (दहि फलफुल को सलाद) - Fruit Salad with Yogurt

Milk and Chaanaa (Paneer Cheese) Sweets - (दूध र छाना बाट बनेका गुलीयो हरु)

Chum-Chum - (चम चम) -  Chaanaa (Paneer) Cheese Balls in Heavy Syrup
Doodh-Bari - ( दूधबरी ) - Milk Patties in Pistachio Cream Sauce
Doodh ko Rabadi - (दूध को रबड़ी)  - Thickened Milk Dessert
Khuwaa - (खुवा) - Thickened Milk Sweets
Kalaakand  - (कलाकंड ) - Chaanaa (Paneer) Cheese Sweets
Kesar Rasmalai - (केसर रस मलाई) - Saffron Flavored Milk Patties
Kheer Mohan (खीर मोहन) - Chaanaa (Paneer) Cheese and Khuwaa Sandwich
Rasbari or Rusgulla - (रसबरी,  रस गुल्ला) - Chhaanaa Cheese Balls (Paneer) in Cardamom Syrup
Rasmalai - (रस मलाई ) - Chaanaa (Paneer) Cheese in Thickened Milk
Raj-Bhog - (राज भोग) - Chaanaa (Paneer) Rolls with Chopped Nuts Stuffing
Bhuteko Khuwaa - (भुटेको खुवा) - Golden-Fried Khuwaa

Other Sweets - (अरु गुलीयो हरु)
Anarsaa - (अनर्सा) - Rice Flour Patties with Poppy Seeds
Ainthe-Mari - (ऐन्ठे मरी ) - Flaky-Crunchy Cookie with Icing - (Newari Mari Breads)
Aiti-Mari - (ऐति मरी) - Fried Glazed  Pastry Rings - (Newari Mari Breads)
Chimti-Mari - (चिम्टी) - Flaky Decorative (Flower-Shaped) Pastry  - (Newari Mari Breads)
Fini or Phini - (फिनी) - Puffed Pastry (Sweet or Plain)
Gudh-Paak - (गुडपाक) - Fudge Like Sweets Made from Edible Gum & Dry-Fruits
Guleo Roti - (गुलीयो रोटि) - Fried  Pastry Rounds, Glazed
Gojia or Gujiya - (गोजिया) Crescent-Shaped Pastry Filled with Ground Nuts-Khuwaa-Coconuts.
Gulmari Sweets - (गुल-मरी) - Crunchy-Glazed Sweets, Shaped Like Thin Noodle - (Newari Mari Breads)
Gaura-Mari - (गौरा-मरी) - Round, Fried Puffed Pastry, Glazed - (Newari Mari Breads)
Gosuta-Mari - Twisted Glazed Donuts - (Newari Mari Breads)
Khajuri or Tikara (खजुरी) - Flaky, Buttery Fried Cookies
Khaaja  - (खाजा रोटि) - Multi Layered Pastries
Kubhendo ko Mithai - (पेथा) - Made Out of Ash Gourd
Laakhaa-Mari - (लाखामरी) - Newari Ceremonial Sweet Bread
Maalpuwa - (मालपुवा) - Sweet Fried Nepali Pancakes Flavored with Fennel Seeds
Nimki, Sweet - (गुलीयो निम्की) - Sugar-Glazed Flaky Pastry
Pabona-Mari - (पाबोना मरी) - Deep-Fried-Glazed Savory Pastry
Panjabi-Mari - (पन्जाबी मरी) - Variation of Deep-Fried-Glazed Savory Pastry
Pustakaari - (पुष्टकारी) - Brown Colored Round Sweets,  Made from Khuwaa, Ground Nuts and Edible Gum
Roth (रोट) - Triangle-Shaped Traditional Cookie or Biscuit Made with Flour-Butter-Sugar
Sel-Roti - (सेल रोटि) - Sweetened Rice Bread
Sutkeri Aushadi - (सुत्केरि औषदी) - A Delicious Ground Nut-Edible Gum Based Sweet Dish (Specially Prepared for Lactating Mothers)
Sakhar-Para - (सखर पारा) -  Diamond-Shaped Flaky Pastries
Teelauri - (तीलौरी) - White Sesame Seed Candy
Til ko Laddu - (तिल को लड्डु) - Sesame Seed Balls

Enjoy the virtual tour (pictorial tour - part 1 to 4) of traditional Nepali sweets.  I have uploaded several traditional sweets captured at different locations of Haluwai Pasal (local professional sweet maker's shops) in Nepal. Some of the sweets come from my own home-made version, from friends' kitchens, as well as other imported sweets (mainly Nepali version of Indian Mithai) available at local shops.  I have added a brief description and Nepali names of the sweets wherever possible.

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