Friday, May 15, 2015

Kathmandu's Centuries-old Landmarks

In loving memory of the beautiful centuries-old landmarks 
(Pictures from my visit to Nepal in 2014)

I have been shocked and saddened over the last few weeks after the earthquake in Nepal (April 25, 2015). The experience of after shocks, jolts and another earthquake (May 12, 2015) only prolongs this terrible tragedy for so many of us. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering and lost their loved ones. I am continuing to pray for earthquake victims and mourning the loss of life.  Now I am deeply worried about Monsoon rains that will create deadly land slides.....words can't express my sadness!

I am sharing some of the pictures that I have captured from my last visit to Kathmandu in December 2014 - March 24, 2015.  I was born and brought up near the Hanuman Dhoka-Durbar square neighborhood of Kathmandu.  I grew up seeing all the precious landmarks, stunning temples, beautiful wood carving, gold-topped pagodas - now all reduced to rubble.  I am mourning for loss of Nepal's cultural past. 


 Irina Bokova, the Director-General of the UN's cultural organization, UNESCO, said there had been "extensive and irreversible damage" at the world heritage site in the Kathmandu valley. Seven monument zones in the valley make up the world heritage site.The three urban zones at the site are Durbar squares - meaning "noble courts" - in the settlements of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. Ms Bokova describes these three complexes as "almost fully destroyed".....continue reading more here.
Before And After Photos Show Devastating Effect Of Quake On Nepal's Landmarks
Scientists are measuring the Nepal earthquake by bouncing radar beams off Kathmandu from space - source
As time for mourning ends, Nepal turns focus to repair and recovery - source 
"The area around the 5th-Century temple looks like it was hit by a bomb. Twenty-seven religious monuments and buildings are in ruins, as well as scores of locals' houses". source 
Nepal's Kathmandu valley treasures: Before and after 
Rich history, beautiful wood carving, gold topped pagodas, stunning temples - many turned to dust
Nepal earthquake reduces World Heritage sites to rubble - Source
To Restore Its Shattered Treasures, Nepal Has A Secret Weapon - source 
Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square
Another view of Durbar Square area
Proud of Nepali Culture - taking picture of historic window, Deshemaru Jhya near Dhoka Tole (my birthplace) Kathmandu.  For more information about this window, please click here...

"A deeply carved window with a shape that resembles a three-dimensional structure is the easiest way to recognize the window. The surface gives in to a caved structure that leads to a square frame with a small, checkered part that resembles the popular Aakhijhyal style, familiar to most Nepalese. The intricately carved window along with its unusual shape gives it an even distinct three-dimensional look. Art enthusiasts call this the biggest asset of the window. While there are hundreds of instances of wonderful art and craft in and around Kathmandu valley, Deshemaru Jhya, has managed to stand out because of its unique pattern". - source
...  mourning for lost heritage loving memory of irreplaceable temples of Nepal -
Words can't express my sadness!
Nepal’s Cultural Heritage Becomes Its Scrap as Human Crisis Takes Priority After Earthquake - source 
Every Nepali is optimistic and confident that they will rise-up and rebuilt.  May they receive all the confidence that needs to restore-rebuilt in the highest order!
Praying for earthquake victims and mourning for the loss of Nepal's cultural past
Prayer and comfort for Nepal!