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Asparagus - Kurelo (कुरीलो)

Asparagus - Kurelo (कुरीलो)
Asparagus is one of the most delectable spring vegetables and is considered the king of Nepali vegetables. My husband and I have been growing asparagus in our home garden for several years and we  have been cooking it in various different ways. I like to cook asparagus when the freshest batch of the season comes out.

Picking up Asparagus in the spring time (April-May) from my home garden.
Close-up view of Asparagus.  Please check the recipe for Asparagus Salad (Saandheko Kurelo) at my Publisher's blog site - "Hippocrene Cooks!" It is the food and cooking blog of Hippocrene Books, Inc. They share author news and events, recipes, and the latest cookbooks!

Asparagus Plants Roots (crowns) for sale at Farmer's Market, ready to be planted.  Asparagus plants can live up to 18-20 years.
Images of Asparagus plant.

If you stop harvesting the asparagus shoots, the spears start to mature, become tougher, woodier and eventually they become completely inedible.  The mature shoots grow tall and begin to open up to a beautiful, fern-like plant like shown in the above picture. 
Homegrown Asparagus for sale at a Farmer's Market
Display of fresh green Asparagus, trimmed into 8-inches long pieces, and neatly tied up - for sale at my local grocery store. The Asparagus spears are standing upright in 1-2 inches of water.  This process keeps Asparagus fresh longer.  
Nepalese variety of Asparagus for sale at Kathmandu markets - Nepalese believe Asparagus has healing and medicinal qualities.  A light soup made of asparagus and potato is served for the treatment of upset stomachs.
The asparagus display here is attracting my attention at Indra Chowk, an open market in Kathmandu. They are neatly tied up in bundles and piled high in a wicker basket (kharpan). Nepali asparagus varieties have thin stems and longer spears, but this variety has a reputation of being tastier compared to the thick ones.
 The popular way of cooking asparagus is by pan-frying in a little oil that brings out an extra depth of flavor that boiling and steaming does not.  The flavorful, simple recipe, "Kurelo ra Alu Taareko"
is prepared with fresh spring asparagus, potatoes, and several herbs and spices. Please turn the page to 131 for the recipe of "Sauteed Asparagus" in the book "The Taste of Nepal."

To prepare the asparagus, trim off any section of the spears that is not green.  Break the stalks at the point where the woody parts meet the tender stalks.  Slice the stalks diagonally into 1 1/2-inch pieces.
The potatoes are pan-fried until nearly done, or until a light-brown crust forms on the potato....
...and then the asparagus is added and they are cooked together briefly, as freshly harvested spears are so tender they hardly need cooking at all.
The vegetables are cooked until fork-tender and the juice has evaporated.  Check for the doneness by sampling a piece of asparagus.  It should be firm with a bit of crunch.  Do not overcook!

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  1. I've never learned the name for asparagus in Nepali. Good to know :) And that dish looks delicious!

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  3. I roast almost everything these days - it's such a great way to intensify flavors. This looks wonderful!!

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  4. Nepal ko Jungle ma Paayine Kurilo Yehi ho ta DD?...Very Good Information, First Time Knew the Nepali Name.

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