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2013 - Happy Nepali New Year! (Baisakh 1, 2070 B.S.)

Happy Nepali New Year! (Baisakh 1, 2070 B.S.)

The color of peace, prosperity and happiness at the entrance of Nepali house

Wishing all my blog readers -  A Happy Nepali New Year! Shubh Nav Varsha! (Baisakh 1, 2070 - bikram-sambat) – May Peace, Love and Prosperity follow you always and forever!

नव वष॔ २०७० को मंगलमय शुभकामना!
The Nepalese festivals are dated according to the traditional “religious” Lunar Calendar in the same sequence. An exception is New Year's Day, which always falls in the middle of April, observed throughout Nepal as the first day of the official Nepalese solar Calendar, i.e., the first day of Baisakh. This day is an official holiday for Nepal. 

The most important New Year festival in the Valley is held at Bhaktapur City, located fourteen kilometers east of Kathmandu. This festival is known as Bisket Jatra meaning the festival after the death of the serpent. The main attraction of the festival is the erection of the 'lingo', a ceremonial pole, a thick, shorn tree-trunk some eighty feet in length. This is an exciting operation since the pole, supported by bamboos and pulled by heavy ropes, must be made to rest in the center... it's a source hole of a large pile of cemented rocks. Large crowds from other town of the Valley assemble to watch this festival. During the week Bhairav, Bhadrakaii and other goddesses are dragged in chariots in the town. This is the biggest festival of Bhaktapur.  The new year of Birkram Sambat is one of the many festivals of Nepal marked by parties, family gathering, the exchange of good wishes and participation in rituals to ensure good fortune in the coming year. Source - Kathmandu Metropolitan Page
As we approach the Nepali New Year 2070 (bikram sambat), I would like to celebrate it by uploading images of several decorated floating flower containers placed doorways, walkways, pathways, and entrances of Nepali houses, restaurants, hotels, offices, banks and public buildings to welcome guests. It is a symbol of Nepali hospitality which we call it athiti satkaarIf you have visited Nepal or live in Nepal, you probably have seen many decorated antique brass or copper khadkalo (containers) with beautiful seasonal flowers floating in the water. Sometimes the decorated flower pot has several small floating candles or oil diyo  that signifies welcome, good luck, happiness, enlightenment and healing.  I have been capturing the images of these floating flower containers for a few years from different locations. I hope you will find each and every image unique.  
... show-stopper display - this three tired antique looking large planter is filled with yellow Flaming Trumpet Vine or Flame Vine (khursani phool) flowers, and stunning bougainvillea.
... the brass khadkalo pot (large copper or brass traditional pot used for religious purpose)  planter displays elegant and exceptional floating flower arrangementThe attractive pansies flower is surrounded by flaming trumpet (winter-spring blooming flower).
Large and wide antique copper khadkalo pot with floating leaves and stunning carnation welcomes you!
... garlands of Marigold and floating petals of flowers adorn this beautiful brass pot with astamangal (eight auspicious signs)  which is made by old world artisan techniques in Nepal.
...creative display with the flower of the season wishing everyday of the New Year glow with good cheer and happiness to you and your family!

... creating such a beautiful work of art! Nature, water and tranquility right in the floating bowl.
Welcoming visitors with red rose petals filled beautiful hand-crafted brass metal khadkalo pot.
... perfect for porch and entrance - denoting welcome and cheers ...
... this beautiful pink, white, yellow and deep purple floating garden is sending you warm wishes ...
... walking through the stone paved streets of Kathmandu and spotting this beautiful display of floating flower pot - several deep red blossoms of Nepali variety of Poinsettias (lalpatte - came from tall tree), along with delightful petals of yellow Marigold flower.
... show-stopper display ... "Aaaha kasto Raamro" from the visitors - enjoy the little things in life!
... immerse in the cultural tour of Nepal....
...this floating display is saying, "be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are, when you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you" - Buddha
... a beautiful purple flower pot to celebrate the coming warm weather!
... gorgeous antique khadkalo pot - the water lilies with small leaf is covering the entire pot, but some yellow and orange marigold with floating candles adds highlight of color throughout ...
... this design really catches your eyes ...petals from Marigold and Poinsettias are floating in the bowl of water.
... looking and admiring at the beautiful terracotta pot with ferns and Gladiolus ...
...  bright colored Bougainvillea in a brass kalasha placed in the enterway of the house to welcome guests It is a pot or pitcher with a narrow neck and a wide mouth that is used for ritual worship.
... beautiful rose petals are spreading happiness in the New Year and symbolizing the beginning of a better tomorrow...
... extraordinary display of most loved flower of Nepal - Marigold ....
... the highly sought after and cherished flower Marigold floating in an antique looking copper pot ...

... simple floating flower container and tranquil atmosphere ...
Classic elegance - snow white Jasmine flowers are displayed at a rustic-brown garden pot placed in the walkways.  The best floating perfumed aromatherapy in the world!
... heavenly scent and tranquility coming out of this Jasmine chameli flowers.
... looking at this beautiful display of floating flower bowl in a pedestal, placed in a private entrance of a Nepali home ....
... come and see this rainbow of color floating flower and petals - beautifully designed brass pot gives the feeling of - heart of boundless love for all in the world.
....this design really catches your eyes - the leaf has covered the entire pot and a few colorful flowers are floating on top - flowers that are light and flat are the best for floating in water.  Heavy flowers will sink at the bottom after few hours.
... this antique copper khadkalo pot displays marigold garland floating on top of a large green leaf ...these days, Nepali Khadkalos are the reproductions of authentic handcrafted ones.  They were used since the ancient times for transporting and storing grains, for religious purpose, weddings, water storage and even cooking animals feeds.

...Antique copper Kalash with welcoming sign, "Swaagatam" in front of army barracks near the old palaces of Basantpur, Hanuman Dhoka area in Kathmandu
... attractive display of floating spring flowers in a freshly shined brass pot.  It is kept in the hallway of a hotel for a warm welcome and cheer. 
Sharing some of my favorite pictures (the next three) are captured during the festival of Dashain -  is the longest and the most auspicious festival in the Nepalese annual calendar, celebrated by all Nepalese. It is not only the longest festival of the country but is also the one which is most anticipated. The festival falls around September–October, starting from the bright lunar fortnight and ending on the day of full moon.
Sukunda - an elaborate oil lamp  - stunning brass Sukunda display with exceptionally beautiful flowers of Nepal - this display really catches your eye..
... the Paanas (brass lamp) at the doorway during Dashain festival - decorated with marigold garlands...

....beautiful palette include yellow Primrose Jasmin (jaaee), and attractive pink flower and leaves.

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday. Naya Barshako Shubha-Kaamanaa!

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  1. Congratulations and Happy New Year! Very artfully decorated khadkalo with flowers. Loved the antique ones with the Astamangal motifs, where can we find them in Kathmandu?

    1. Thank you Subodh - नव वष॔ २०७० को मंगलमय शुभकामना!
      The Astamangal Khadkalo can be found in Thamel shops, Ason markets, Patan ...or all Nepali authentic brass copper pots suppliers...

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