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Index of Green Leafy Vegetables

Index of Green Leafy Vegetables - Hariyo Saag-Paat Haru - (हरियो साग-पात हरु)

The following list of Hariyo Saag in Nepali-English, will further help you to understand more on the vegetables of Nepal.  I am so glad to be able to compile the list and present to you in my blog. In the following list as well as in my previous blog on "the visual guide to the greens," I have not been able to match some of the English name of the greens. I wish I had a good plant-identification guide book about Nepali greens.  I trust the index is useful to you, but please let me know in the comment section of the blog what I missed.  I would deeply appreciate your feedback - so that I can revise and make corrections.

(Nepali to English)
Baabari, Pudina - (बाबरी  को साग) - Common Mint
Bethe ko Saag - (बेथे को साग) - Lamb's Quarter
Bengali Palungo ko Saag - (बंगाली पालुंगो) -  Beet root
Bhirin ko Saag - (भिरिन को साग)
Bhote Paalungo - (भोटे पालुंगो) - Garden Sorrel, Bladder Dock
Bok Choy or Paak Choy -  (बक चोय अथवा पाक चोय)
Chatel ko Munta ko Saag - (चटेल को मुन्टा को साग) -  Indian Gourd, Kantola Shoots
Chhayapi ko Saag - (छायापी को साग) - Shallot Greens
Chamsoor ko Saag - (चम्सूर को साग) - Garden Cress
Dhania ko Paat or Saag (Hariyo) -  (धनियाँको साग) - Fresh Coriander or Cilantro
Dundu ko Saag - (दुन्डू को साग) - Chinese Leek
Gante Moola ko Saag or Dalle Moola ko Saag - (गानते मुलाको साग, डल्ले मुलाको साग) - Turnips Greens
Gobre Paalungo ko Saag - (गोब्रे पालुंगो को साग) -  Spinach Variety
Gande ko Saag - (गन्दे को साग)
Halhale ko Saag - (हलहले को साग)
Iskush ko Munta ko Saag -  (इस्कुश को मुन्टा को साग) - Chayote Greens
Karkalo ko Paat -  (कर्कलो को पात, कर्कलो को साग) - Taro Leaves - Karkalo-Gaava-Pidhaalu - (कर्कलो-गाभा-पिँडालु)
Kal Tori ko Saag -  (कालतोरी को साग) - Black Mustard
Kane Saag - (काने साग)
Kaauli ko Saag - (काउली को साग) - Cauliflower Greens
Karmaiya Saag - (कर्मैया को साग) - Water Bindweed, Swamp Cabbage
Keraau ko Muntaa ko Saag - (केराउ को मुन्टा को साग) - Pea Vine Shoots
Kel ko Saag -  (क़ेल को साग) - Kale
Laal Saag - (लाल साग) - Amaranth
Latte to Saag - (लट्टे को साग) - Amaranth
Laaphe Saag - लाफे को साग - Vegetable Mallow  Poppy Mallow
Lasun ko Saag - (लसुन को साग) - (Green Garlic) 
Lunde ko Saag - (लुन्ड़े को साग) - Redroot Pigwood - (different variety Pahadi Lunde, Kande Lunde)
Lataree ko Saag - (लटरी को साग)
Methi ko Paat or Saag - (मेथी को साग) -  Fenugreek leaves
Moolaa (Mulaa) ko Saag - (मूला को साग) - Radish Greens
Moolaa (Mulaa) ko Duku re Saag - (मूला को दुकु र साग) - Radish Shoots and Leaves
Neuro - (न्यूरो को साग) - Edible Fern Shoots
Phaapar ko Saag - (फापर को साग) - Buck-wheat Greens
Patuwaa ko Saag - (पटुवा को साग) - (Tossa Jute)
Pharsi ko Muntaa - (फर्सी को मुन्टा) - Pumpkin Vine shoots
Pooi or Poi ko Saag - (पोई को साग) - Indian Spinach, Malabar Night Shade
Pahaadi Lunde - (पहाडी लुन्ड़े को  साग)
Paalungo ko Saag - (पालुंगो को साग) - Common Spinach
Raayo ko Saag - (रायो को साग) - Leaf Mustard
Raayo ko Duku re Saag - (रायो को दुकु र साग) - Leaf Mustard Shoots
Saunf or Sunp ko Saag - (सुप को साग) - Fresh Dill Greens
Salgam ko Saag - (सलगम को साग) - Kohlrabi Greens
Sishnu or Sisnu ko Saag - (सिस्नु को साग) - Nettle Greens - (Lekali Sisnu, Thulo Sisnu, Bhangre Sisnu)
Sim Rayo - (सिम रायो) - Water Cress
Sarwari Saag - (सर्वारी साग) - Quail Grass
Siplikan - सिप्लिकान - Garlic Pear
Salad ko Saag or Paat - (लेट्तुस -  सलाद को साग) - Curly Leaf Lettuce
Tori ko Saag - (तोरी को साग)- Indian Rape
Tike Paalungo - (टिके पालुंगो) - Garden Beet

To find out some of the vegetables that are not included in my leafy vegetable blog or Index,  please  go to the field survey on the "Traditional, Neglected Vegetables of Nepal: The Sustainable Utilization for Meeting Human Needs" ......In total, 184 traditional vegetable species were recorded in the field survey. Species composition and numbers differed along the elevation gradient". About 50 traditional vegetable species were documented in the market read the research paper, please click here. 

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  1. Such a wonderful collection of all the Saag.

    Chamsoor ko Saag - (चम्सूर को साग) - Garden Cress is also called Pepper Cress, atleast thats how we could buy some in farmers market.

  2. Nice index you got going, very helpful. Hope you keep growing your list and include other plants as well over time. THX again.

  3. Can we get Baby Spinach and Rocket for salad in Nepal?

    1. The mild and delicate "baby spinach leaf" is great for salad use - when I was capturing the pictures of so many green leafy vegetables from the local vegetable venders, I did not see any baby spinach for sale. I am sure they are available in Nepal.

  4. The Links are broken is there any possibility that they could be fixed? I would love to have the guides.

    1. Hi Justin
      Great to read your suggestions, thank you very much. I am glad to know my guide to Nepali vegetables are helpful. I just fixed the broken links! Please check it out.

  5. Replies
    1. Saunf or Sunp ko Saag - (सुप को साग) - Fresh Dill Greens

    2. Thank you so much for replying...But Fennel has bulb like of onion in the ground,aren't fennel and dill different .And what is oregano .rosemary . sage , sweet basil called in Nepali.?Your blog has been very helpful.

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