Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2013

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year in 2013! 

When I started my blog, "Taste of Nepal" in September 2011, I had no idea it would become an important part of my life. I now have nearly 60 posts and numerous pictures posted on all things about Nepal and its culinary delights. I have truly enjoyed sharing with all of you the flavors, cuisines, cultures, and festivals of Nepal in my blog and I am sure to continue for many years to come. I would like to thank you for your support, feedback, and encouragement. Please drop in to my website occasionally to see what Jyoti has been blogging about.


Which country visited the most?
Please read my Flag Counter to get the details - The most visited are from the USA, Nepal, India, England, and Australia.

Can we use your photo and write-ups of this blog?
Yes, I would be honored if you use my work.  Please refer to my "copyright information" posted in details.

As this year come to an end, I would like to share some of my favorite pictures that I captured when I visited Nepal in 2012.

A Nepali teenager with a modern hairstyle.
A village woman is grinding the whole Maas ko Daal (Urad Beans) to split.  She is using a circular grinding stone (jaato).
Beautiful red hibiscus flower in a traditional Nepali Karuwaa (metal water jar). 
Two youngsters walking through the mustard fields with freshly picked leaves for animal feed.
An elderly villager on his way home from the woods with a bundle of leaves for animal feed.
Ripe Nepali cucumbers for sale at a local market to be used for pickles.
A Nepali holy man with his devoted wife giving me tika (a vermillion paste that is applied on the forehead) and blessing in front of the temple.

The traditional Nepal meal served in a metal plate with several bowls.
Taking picture of historic window, Deshemaru Jhya near Dhoka Tole, Kathmandu.  For more information about this window, please click here....
People waiting in a line to enter the Taleju Bhawani Temple, Kathmandu to obtain blessings and for religious offerings during the auspicious Dashain festival.
A Nepali priest is getting things ready to perform a rituals around Maru Ganesh temple in Kathmandu.
A delightful Tamang lady is happy to show me her Bullacki (traditional earring).  She had more of these when she was a young girl, now only few left. 
An elderly lady from the village has lost her way in the crowded Thamel area, Kathmandu.
For sale - a popular t-shirt catered for tourist
A beautiful girl with her traditional Newari dress on her way to celebrate New Year.
A happy street vendor with Sel-Roti during Tihar, Bhai-Tika time.  She has been working continuously for two days to prepare the most traditional rice-bread of Nepal. 

......admiring her for the love of large tika that is applied in her forehead....
Welcoming visitors with rose petals-filled copper vase in the entrance of a hotel.
Beautiful work of art
A Brahmin priest ready for prayers.  He has a long pony tail (tupee) and a long U shaped sandalwood paste tika applied in his forehead.
A huge antique temple bell near the entrance of the temple.
.... a beautiful child with an innocent look ....
Taking care of grandma's hair.
Garlic bulbs dried in the roof
Fashionable hairdo of a vegetable vendor in Ashon Tole
Gurung lady with several traditional gold earrings
Devotees who have renounced family life telling stories to each other
..... please take a picture of my nose ornaments only,  not my face ....
Saal ko Paat ko Tapari - beautiful work of art for a special occasion
Newari girls with flutes during festival times
Hand-made pure cotton wick  to be soaked in oil for lighting
Butter lamp in front of the temple
Terraced Fields in the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley
Dhaakaa Topi vendor resting in the hot sun
Rice Pulau is being served in a traditional pot (tasala).
Performing group Bratamanda ceremony in Durbar Square area, Kathmandu
A village woman is cleaning rice to remove straw and dirt by using a Nanglo (circular shaped wicker tray).  She wanted me to take her picture with her antique 24 k gold tika in her forehead. happy to pose for me with his beautiful smile.....
...."wait a minute, let me remove my hat - now take another picture".....

Copyright Information

All information on the Taste of Nepal blog are restricted use under copyright law. You may not re-use words, stories, photographs, or other posted material without the explicit written consent and proper credit to Jyoti Pathak. If you would like to use any materials here, please contact me.


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